about us

Our Vision

To create the world’s most recognized & admired brand revolutionizing cannabinoids to benefit people, pets & the planet.


To provide the most effective, highest value hemp extract and cannabinoid ingredients through relentless pursuit of science-based innovations and responsible, profitable, repeatable, and scalable practices.

We Stand By Our Core Values


We act with integrity and uphold the truth with authenticity and transparency.


We set goals, step forward and up, and break records.

Results & Respect

Every action matters and has a result. Everyone is included and respected.

Safety & Sustainability

We cherish and protect life, resources and our planet.


Staying curious and delivering the best quality inspires us.


We pursue our vision with unwavering commitment and enthusiasm.


Finding creative, scientific, effective solutions compels us.


We actively seek to understand and care for people, pets and animals.

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