Seed to Scale™

Seed to Scale™ Supply Chain

HempRise’s industry-leading Seed to Scale™ supply chain system ensures quality, traceability, and scalability at every step of our fully vertically integrated value chain




Deliver desired cannabinoid profiles, including robust minor cannabinoids

Deliver compliant, low THC levels

Are hearty, resilient, and consistent in the field

Result in high hemp extract yields to deliver utmost value for your brand


All HempRise biomass is sustainably grown and harvested in the USA with modern farming practices, including mechanization and soil nutrient management.

Our farming includes in-house and 3rd party hemp identification and confirmation testing, and soil and water testing for heavy metals, pesticides, glyophosphates, and other toxins.

All hemp is harvested at precisely the right time to ensure CBD and cannabinoid rich profiles that are also fully THC compliant, with proper drying and storage, including strict temperature, humidity, light and contamination controls to ensure purity, strength, and composition.


Robust formulation ready applications-based innovation pipeline to incorporate hemp extract, CBD and cannabinoids into your brand portfolio in food, beverage, nutraceutical, personal care, beauty, wellness, animals and pets.

Deep understanding of how ingredients work, from solubility to shelf stability, color, viscosity, mouthfeel, flavor masking, and dosing.

Innovation and experience in the synergies hemp extracts have with other botanicals, secured with our parent company, global botanical leader, Layn Natural Ingredients

Nano-technology and other innovations to increase bioavailability, homogeneity, even distribution delivery, consistent dosing, and deliver responsible cost in use, yield and value.

Fully employed staff of PhD level scientists


cGMP certification will be pursued and finalized as facility operations commence Summer 2021

Proprietary technology preserving cannabinoid and terpene profiles, and ensuring pure, consistent, high-value CBD and hemp extracts.

Free of contaminants

Deliver compliant, low THC levels.

Lot controls, contamination prevention controls, reliable cannabinoid quantification and THC compliance processes, statistically significant sampling methods, internal lab, and 3rd party ISO 17025 accredited labs. American Herbal Pharmacopoeia Cannabis Monograph, “Standards of Identity, Analysis and Quality Control

Industrial scaling. Our parent company processes more than 90 million kilos of botanical extracts annually, and HempRise can process more than 10 million liters of CBD and hemp extracts annually.


Nearly three decades of global botanical ingredient and solutions leadership

In-house and 3rd party laboratories for innovation and compliance

Robust innovation pipeline, including thought leadership and university partnerships

Fully scalable capacity, throughput, logistics and fulfillment to meet your brand’s growing needs

3.5 MILLION kg of Industrial hemp biomass processing and innovation capacity

Grow Your Portfolio With Hemprise

From seed to efficacious natural ingredient for your personal care, nutraceutical, food, beverage, or pet application, HempRise offers comprehensive, tailored solutions for your application to grow your brand and bring your vision to life.

Transparency at Scale Tinctures Production

Transparency At Scale

HempRise’s Seed to Scale fully vertically integrated supply chain program creates a direct connection of transparency all the way back to the seed source and the farm. Consumers are more aware of the origin, ingredients, and processing of the products they purchase, and our fully vertically integrated and accountable supply chain delivers key benefits:


Consumer Trust

Reliability of Supply

Food Safety

Innovation throughout all elements of the value chain




Sustainability at scale farming

Sustainability At Scale

The very nature of industrial hemp lends itself as a sustainable, multipurpose crop that benefits people, animals, pets and the planet. HempRise’s robust sustainability program aims for 360 use of material to deliver the utmost in sustainability and social responsibility.

With our experts for your application