HempNANO: Innovative Nanoemulsion CBD


Our innovative Nanoemulsion CBD is attracting a lot of interest and generating many questions from customers. Here we summarize some Q&A.

Q: What is nanoemulsion and its benefits for CBD applications?
A: Nanoemulsion is a kinetically stable, transparent, or translucent dispersion of oil and water stabilized by surfactants. These are either oil-in-water (O/W) or water-in-oil (W/O) emulsion with average droplet size ranging from 5 to 200 nm (some uses 5 to 100nm). It is structurally similar to lipid nanoparticles except that the lipid core in nanoemulsion is liquid, whereas the lipid nanoparticle is solid. In many cases, the use of both terms is exchangeable.

In its oil form, CBD has very low oral bioavailability (6 to 20%). The primary benefit of CBD oil-in-water nanoemulsion is to increase the solubility or dispensability of CBD in aqueous media. It, therefore, increases the precision and rate of CBD absorption (10-time improvement of intestinal absorption per a study in 2019 by Nakano Y et al.), which leads to significantly improved bioavailability.

Q: Is nanoemulsion safe?
A: Yes, nanoemulsion is a popular vehicle for lipophilic drug delivery. A famous example is that both Pfizer and Moderna Covid-19 vaccines are delivered via nanoemulsion or lipid nanoparticles. To meet consumers’ growing demand for health and wellness, Hemprise’s nanoemulsion uses only non-artificial and GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) surfactants and inactive ingredients.

Q: Where can CBD nanoemulsion be used?
A: In the food space, nanoemulsion is ideal for shelf-stable beverage applications, including but not limited to soda, seltzer, sparkling water, energy drink, coffee, tea, or alcoholic beverage, due to its long-term stability. It is also ideal for CBD-infused shots. It is essential in the formulation of CBD-containing cosmetic products such as body lotions, skin lotions, and sunscreens.

Q: How can Hemprise help?
A: Our concentrated CBD nanoemulsion is versatile in applications. It can be added as an independent ingredient at RTD beverage bottling stage or be customarily blended with other functional ingredients to be used as concentrated beverage or fountain syrups.

Hemprise is equipped with advanced instruments for the analysis of nanoemulsion particle size and zeta-potential.


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